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Aromatherapy΄s aim is to treat the mind, the body and the soul through the use of therapeutic essences, known as essential oils.
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What is Aromatherapy?

 Aromatherapy is a part of herbal medicine, whose aim is to treat the mind, the body and the soul through the use of perfumes, but not those who we all know about their cosmetic properties, but those coming from the pure, distilled essences of plants, known for their healing properties, the essential oils.It's advisable to see aromatherapy as part of a holistic approach and not simply as an another alternative suggestion.
This means that it is not just only the symptom of the disease that we have to seek, but the cause of the disease, making sure we prevent it from occurring. Although most times it seems that the disease occurs suddenly, the reasons why this happens, is by no means sudden. Hereditary factors but mainly our ways of life are the main causes of the illness.
Therefore, in holistic aromatherapy, we should participate actively, not like in conventional medicine, that we leave our bodies to the doctor and just get the medicines he suggests, nor should we expect a sudden healing, aromatherapy results, are gradual but long-term.

The three basic models of aromatherapy are:
A. GERMAN: with main emphasis on olfaction (inhalation - diffusion - venting)
B. ENGLISH: rigid relaxing massage with essential oils diluted in a base of herbal oils
C. FRENCH: internal use of essential oils, as in conventional medicine (oral route / suppository)

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